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Shelley M.

Nova Scotia

Just wanted to tell you that my son said your cream and lip balm is the best he's tried.  He said "Mom, this stuff is quality!".  For the first time in a year, he can use something that works and doesn't burn his face.  Thanks again, I'm so happy I found something for him that works.  Thanks Valli, you really do have a superior product, second to none!


Tamara L.

Maryland, USA

I allowed myself to use all of the Intensive Raspberry Rose Moisturizer before ordering another.  Never will I do that again!  No other moisturizer compares in terms of not only moisturizing but also giving my skin a nice glow.  I love it!  Nothing beats it!




Cynthia Occelli   

Los Angeles, California 


"Valli Naturals put an end to my skincare dilemmas. As a speaker, host and author in Los Angeles, a city obsessed with youth and beauty, finding the perfect products is challenging. Everywhere you turn someone is touting the latest “skin-care miracle.” I confess, I’ve tried a lot of them, everything from caviar and gold flakes to complex chemical concoctions. They emptied my wallet and left my skin red, irritable and fragile. I discovered that most skin-care products are laden with chemicals known to cause cancer and/or disrupt our hormones. This knowledge sent me searching for products that would give me beautiful, silky, clear, and youthful skin without assaulting my health.

I tried at least twenty products from natural food stores. Some were better than others, but they all had a major downside. I couldn’t use them under my daily make-up or under professional make-up. Another downer was that the jars that most natural products come in open up to the air and cause product oxidation and quick spoilage. For years, I jumped from product line to line, never being totally satisfied with the results, but determined to reduce my exposure to chemicals as much as possible.

Last year, I discovered Valli Naturals and my skin fell in love. In just weeks, my skin was moisturized, even, smooth, and I could use the entire line under daily make-up and for photo shoots and video. It goes on smooth, absorbs easily and nourishes my skin. My friends and family have noticed the change in my skin’s texture and vitality. Even my make-up artist raved about the condition of my skin. And the line comes in air-tight pumps, so it lasts longer and stays fresher. Finally, I’ve found everything I wanted in one place: a natural line, in sealed bottles, that delivers superior results.

I use and love the whole line, but my absolute favorite products are the Green Tea & Licorice Cleanser, C+ Volcanic Ash Scrub, and the Intensive Raspberry Rose Moisturizer (which surprised me because I usually don’t like fruity scents, but this one is amazing). From the body line, I’m obsessed with the Java Body Scrub. It’s an incredible exfoliator and moisturizer and the scent makes you feel enlivened and refreshed.

Thank you Valli Ware for paying attention and doing the hard work required to create my perfect skin-care solution."





Cheryle Cote
Holistic Healing for 30 Years
Life Coaching - Hypnosis - EFT - NLP - Intuitive Counselling - BodyTalk


I have been using Valli Naturals for about a week now. They are wonderful.
I have very sensitive skin and I am always hesitant on trying new products.
Your anti-aging eye cream is so soothing and so comfortable. 
I think the biggest surprise for me was your multi-berry Q-10 facial creme.
I have tried many Q10 creams before and I have always had a reaction with them.
You have a wonderful product line and I would highly recommend your products to anyone looking for a natural healthy solution to skin care."



 Stephanie S.

 Nova Scotia


 "I absolutely love Valli's Skin Care Line. I have sensitive skin so having organic,  naturally scented products available is very important to me. I love the face  moisturizer (Intensive Raspberry Rose Moisturizer) as it is light and non-greasy. The  eye creme and gel are extremely effective and I'm noticing a decrease in fine lines  and wrinkles. I also love the lip balm... soaps... all of it! My skin has never felt or  looked better. The quality of these products is amazing and I cannot wait to try more! Thanks Valli!"


Carole L.
"Natural Botox... I Love it!  After using the full treatment for 2 days in a row my skin seriously looks younger. I feel like I've had Botox injections ( in a good way ) and the Lemongrass lip smoothie... Oh my goodness, my lips feel super plump and it doesn't wear off like other lip balms do. My daughter agrees with me regarding the youthfulness in my face. The way I best describe it is the same feeling I get when I go to the Carribean. The natural moisture with such a light feeling, these products send me on a dream trip... without the cost! My goodness, I am impressed!"



Terry M
"Hi! My aunt and I received the products, it was so quick, thank you! I just started using them this weekend and I love them! What I like especially is the coverage of the moisturizer. It takes a lot of pumps (about 10) from a normal moisturizer to cover my legs & arms. With Valli Naturals, it takes 5 for both legs and 1 for both arms, covers amazingly well & not greasy and smells great! My aunt mentioned: the packaging was exquisite and so neatly and carefully done."


Sharron G.

"I got the Liberating French Lavender body lotion... can we say Omg!!! My skin is so dry out here, I have used EVERYTHING and an hour or so I have to use the cream again. It has been hours since I used the cream and my legs are still so soft an ALL evidence of dry skin is gone... not to mention, I bought her body soap, CAN'T WAIT to take a shower. LOL"


Diane B.
"Amazing is the word that comes to mind when describing all your products so far!!! Wow!!!! The face wash (Green Tea & Licorice Facial Wash) & the face creme (Intensive Raspberry Rose Moisturizer) is wonderful!!!! My face has never felt so clean, fresh & soft after just once using it!!! I can't even get over how amazing my face feels.
The lip balm (Lemon Grass Lip Smoothie) feels & tastes Ah-mazing! Love this stuff!!!! The best Chapstick I have ever used!!! You've created some truly amazing stuff!"


Carole G.
"My friend tried the lip balm and loved it! I love the Shampoo & Conditioner, the smell is lovely and a little goes along way. Good value for your money, my hair feels shiny and so soft! The Vanilla Body Wash left my skin clean and soft without stripping the natural oils, the smell is GREAT! My hands feel so soft from the Orange Creamsicle Lotion, it smells good enough to eat! Thank you!"


Tracey M.
"Thank you!  The smell when I opened my package was delightful.  The African Shea Mint Bar is so awesome.  The smell and feel of it during and after your bath, it's a must have!  I've got the lip balm on, and I'm enjoying it very much.  I tried the Orange Creamsicle is great stuff...smells awesome!  My daughter says it's ahhhmazing!  The Intensive Raspberry Rose Moisturizer is so good, I have to share it with my Mom, she will so love it! 
p.s. The Citrus Revival Body Butter is one of the best dry skin relievers ever!  I've only used it a couple of times and have seen a huge difference in my dry hands."



Great Buzz from Sherri Shepherd!