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Valli Ware, founder of Valli Naturals and Valli's Health & Beauty Boutique:


Beauty, like health, isn’t made up of separate parts. Real beauty is holistic and holographic. It’s present in your heart, mind, actions, spirit and physical appearance. In a world that focuses on the latter, true beauty is often lost. My passion and life’s mission is to bring integrated beauty and wellness to women and our planet.

My journey began about 15 years ago with a diagnosis of thyroid disease.  Intuitively, I sensed that nature and spirit offered practices and treatments that would support my healing. I became an eager learner, studying wisdom traditions, and later learning Reiki and Reflexology. I discovered the power of natural flower essences, essential oils, botanicals and the importance of protecting ourselves from the common, yet toxic, chemicals that permeate our food, environment and cosmetic products.

A major part of my healing journey is compassion and service to others. One of my most cherished experiences was working with the Canadian Cancer Society. I was privileged to offer Reiki to people undergoing cancer treatment and love them as they faced a great challenge. I’ve also had the honor of supporting women leaving domestic violence. In helping others heal, I’ve healed, too.

In 2008, I took a position with a major skin care line and learned the science behind beauty products that support skin renewal and radiance. Building on this base, I became a professional make-up/airbrush artist, helping women look and feel beautiful on some of the most important days of their lives.

In 2011, I opened Valli's Health & Beauty Boutique with a commitment to healthy, environmentally-friendly, and superb products. In my work, I repeatedly encountered products that were great for skin nourishment, but didn't hold up under make-up. I knew what I wanted, and I had the background to create products that work effectively without toxic ingredients.

It’s incredible for me to bring my vision of healthy beauty together into one love-filled and extraordinary skin care and cosmetics line.



 It's a deep honor for me to share Valli Naturals with you.

To your health and beauty!